Dear applicant

We appreciate your interest in serving with us. Please read and follow these

Instructions carefully and contact Human Resources on

Things all Applicants should  Know Before Applying:

• Applicants must be at least 18 years and above to avoid UN Geneva Conversion on child labour

• Due to maritime medical regulations and other circumstances, those with certain disabilities and/or

Health histories may not be able to serve with Mercy Ships.

• All applicants are required to provide/raise their own funds to cover crew fees, insurance fees and visa fee to acquired their visa to the US where the ship is dock for departure world wild ,

If you apply for employment and is been accept for a position, mercy ship will be responsible to ensure that an adequate fund is provided for Air ticket to the US for departure and will be responsible for your visa processing

• Most short-term positions require a minimum commitment of 4-6 month However, some medical

Professionals (surgeons, OR nurses, dentists, etc.) can join for as little as 3 months

• A current personal health history and physical evaluation are required for all applicants, including

Accompanying children (see attached).

• A recent (non-Mercy Ships) physical evaluation (completed within the last 12 months) may be

Acceptable if there has been no change in your health history since the evaluation was completed

And the form provides enough information to establish a sound medical review.

• Once we receive your completed application, we will review it in light of our open positions,

Processing is usually done in four days to 1 week.

• Attendance at the Introduction to Mercy Ships (IMS) and entry program (Gateway) is encouraged for

All of our applicants but is only required for those serving with us for 12-20 months or more.

When completed, please make a copy of your files and send the original to:

Mercy Ships, Human Resources


PO Box 2020

Lin dale, Texas 75771 USA 

 More information about serving with us, including offshore, world wild tour, medical assistance to the forgotten poor internationally



Mercy Ships (c) Employment Associates



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